West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 162: Hover Pigs

Are you a lice kid? Find out now! Are you a hover pig? Find out now! Are you soda stealer? You probably are, but find out now in episode 162 of West and Sparks Podcast!

Show Notes:

Love Notes of Eternal Confusion

Let me burough in your head, like a prairie dog or some snake skin that has been shed. Let me crunch on down on that skalp like a tapestry of gout. Baby, let’s shake that dandruff out so we can see what’s really under the surface. Does it linger like an infection or does it barrel you over like a botched c-section?! Bitch, I know it’s Halloween, and that’s why you gonna have to try me on! I may not be so nice because doctors call me head ___________________


News That Matters:


Comments First

  • what a meme
  • lol his buddy facepalmd so hard
  • Sorry. I’m not going to disregard that.


Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

All together now to where they worship the cow! Your cheeks are the field and a gold bar is the plow. Smuggle, huddle, try and be subtle.  We know you’ll walk funny but try not to scuttle. The ingenious concealment that lead to the rectal revealment. My ass flaps were capped to the max bets that flying on jets would lead to net profits and less debts because you need big balls like the mets and not frets and start sweats because buttholes are not just outlets. Let me be briefs – it’s vignettes – somethings is coming up your moon after sun sets. Multiple people singing a higher tune – duets. Hard to imagine this many people didn’t decline, after gold bars found in butts of _________



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