West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 43: Bros Roll 6 Deep On A Budget

WestandSparks*Lindsay Lohan died! We wouldn’t just lie to you to grab your attention. ***Believe us, this podcast will explain everything! In this episode we talk news about: using breast milk as a weapon, human skulls found at the dump, and the most inspirational/depressing quote we’ve ever heard! You’re probably asking “But what about LL Ho Han?”…***WE’RE GOING TO EXPLAIN THAT!! HOLD YOUR ASS UP! Plus, some guy wrote in after testing the “finger in the dog butt” theory! Listen to what happened in Episode 42 of the West and Sparks Podcast!

*As of writing this, Lindsay Lohan is still alive.

**We were just lying to get you attention

***We won’t explain anything

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Mouth That Shit:


News That Matters:

Guess what’s Up My Rectum:

Sitting there in the dimly lit. 1 pack, 2 pack  I pack in my back way down there in my rear split. What they find, I don’t mind, cuz I’ll act kind with all that’s in my behind. Now my tummy gurgles and churns, taken to the hospital as my rectum burns. They retrieve the packs that there lie in, arrested now they’ve found my _______