West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 44: FIVE STAR RATING

WestandSparksPssss. Psss. Hey, you…yeah, you. Over here. Come closer. Closer. Yes. That’s it. Closer still. A bit closer. That’s it. A little further. More. To the left. There. Click download. I love it when you download me. And then rate me. Mmmmm. Rate me on itunes. Five stars? Wow, I may read what you said about me. On the next show 😉

West and Sparks speak about five star ratings, 911 dates, peeing in class, and, of course, clowns. Tune in, and rate the show on itunes. Maybe? Five Stars.


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Mouth That Shit:


News That Matters:


Real Life or MICHAEL BAY:

Clowns, clowns, clowns! EVERYWHERE! In a world where people are increasingly creeped out by the childhood staple of circuses across the nation, this group of clowns is here to do GOD’s work…and TAKE BACK their image…take it back from the hounds of hell and satan’s fiery embrace! In the slam-bang, action thrill ride of the SEASON, these do-gooders spread the laughter…and the gospel! Just don’t honk their noses without asking. Sinners may be damned, laugh at an appropriate, family friendly joke with the only clowns that aren’t going to burn in a lake of fire! SUMMER…TWO THOUSAND AND ETERNITY!


Guess what’s Up My Rectum:

Put it in a good spot. Put it in there. Put it where the sun don’t shine, behind my underwear. Nice to see you officer, nice to see you guard. Nice to see you find my baggie, although it wasn’t very hard. Let me toke up, let me before I plead. Come on MR Police man, I bet you’ve even smoked _____