West and Sparks [Timed] Podcast Ep 59: Tattoo A Badger On Your Body

WestandSparksRight off the bat, we set the bar at an attainable level…then…proceeded to make a TAINT joke. (And the level is lowered yet again) This is the kind of gold you get for NO dollars! It’s clearly well worth the money. Today’s show is all about: terrorizing badgers, a missing butt cheek, and a drug dealer wants ideas on the best way to spend his money! Plus, there’s a hefty dose of Apple Watch talk. Episode 59 is a true piece of art, so just let it wash over you!

Links to the articles!

Mouth that Shit:


News That Matters:


Jobs. Necessary, worth it and sometimes rewarding. Jobs. Hard to find. Jobs. Jobs can be weird but worth it. This is a story about how a boy becomes a man and finds a weird-but-worth-it job. This is a tender, heart-warming story about the poultry industry, which has been CRIPPLED in the UK. Can you save it? One man can. His name. Is. Chick Sexer. He loves his job. In an industry where only 100 to 150 trained professionals are working, this man stands out. He does it better than the rest, in the slam-bang-action-thrill-ride-and-proof-that-the-sun-never-sets-on-the-british-empire movie of the season! It’s “Chuck. Chick Sexer.”

Guess what’s up my rectum:

Going down to the south, where the accents flow out the mouth. Even farther yet, where the rainforest and lovely women have met. In the land of Brazil, where the women have eyes of Hazel. Wonderful curvy bodies, have men thinking naughties. Oh, but the ladies are not what they seem, full of plastic and dashed dreams. One woman had to fight off infection, all because she wanted more ass protection. Getting those ass implants seems dum dum, but not until she was crowned Ms.______


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