West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 68: Wait a minute, collar bones are sexy?!!!!


You’ll never believe the ground these guys cover on this episode! Have you seen Breaking Bad yet? NOOOO?! Peacocks are on the loose,  jockstraps are stronger than ever and will someone turn that damn air conditioner off?! Tune in, tune out and tune back in again just for the hell of it!

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News That Matters:


It’s still at large. That can only mean one thing: nobody is safe! And the worst part? Authorities aren’t even pursuing it anymore. The case might be closed, but the risk of your death is not! In the slam-bang-bird-brained-adventure-thrill-ride-of-the-season, it’s time to get PEA…Cocked.

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Family fights are nothing new, but who knew one could turn so blue. After drinking all day there came a scuffle, between two brothers and an uncle kerfuffle. After what they did would disappoint their mum, for when the sun arose, there was something in his bum. A fist punch, a hit, and a face they had smacked it, but there was one thing in his bum, an old tennis _______






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