West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 69: They’ll do that in Space?


West and Sparks is here and just in time too! First up, Ryan West is about to go on the a giant road trip across the good ol’ USA and Sparks is still kind of sick. But fear not, we’ve got 30 timed minutes of solid INTERNET GOLD for you today as we’re talking about: knocking space boots, why you should do your laundry quieter, and why *Indiana is the worst place in America. Sit back and enjoy episode 69 of West and Sparks!

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Mouth That Shit:

News That Matters:


It’s your average abduction story, or, is it? They say, “love thy neighbor,” well, this movie could be called “abduct thy neighbor.” In the slam bang abduction movie of the season, the savior of the city, becomes the downfall of the city: “steal me.”

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Ohhh, ummmmm, there’s a pain in my bum. Suffering from being blocked up, I tried uncorking myself without any luck. To the doctor I went as soon as I can, but he kicked when a piece broke in his hand. on to the next one as jay z said, I’m in so much pain they said I looked dead. 3 Inches wide it slipped in with ease, in before you know it like summer night breeze. Once the removed it I exclaimed with cheer, for it was my drinking glass – a drinking glass for ________




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