West and Sparks [TIMED] Podcast Ep 79: Apple Unveils New Leeching Technology


When we started doing this podcast 79 episodes ago, did we know that Wednesdays would never be the same again? No. When we started this podcast 79 episodes ago, did we know that we’d CHANGE THE PODCASTING GAME FOREVER or at least claim to?!? No. DID WE KNOW THAT WE’D BE WRITING OURSELVES QUESTIONS ONLY TO ANSWER THOSE VERY QUESTIONS IN QUESTION WITH A QUESTION? No? Today’s TIMED podcast is all about: How to make Whisky taste better, public masturbation, and Ryan’s social life hits a new low! It’s West and Sparks Episode 79: Apple Unveils New Leeching Technology!

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Texting. A convenient, fast and efficient way to express an idea–a series of ideas–without all the pesky hassle of using your voice box. Texting still stumps people born in the 1920’s, but for everyone else, texting is the best thing since the telegram. Unless…unless you’re a 23 year old from Illinois and applying for a job. In the slam-bang-action-thrill-ride of the cell phone industry, it’s “Text you, may I?”

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Look over here, look over there, look up that bum, but try not to stare. There’s a way to suck and a way to feed, just one brown place will fulfill my need. It’s warm and dark of oh so soft, let me place my sucker and live in this loft. You can’t get me, because you don’t have hands, spray your dung land blow your trumpet like giant band. I’m one of a kind attached to your behind. Lesson I just did teach, because I’m a special _____



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