West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 97: Snakes and Ping Pong Balls


Let’s talk about the stupidest person in the world. After that, let’s dive into Deftones, gators, beer fountains and so much more! It’s the middle of the week! Let’s have a good time!


Mouth That Shit

News That Matters:


HOW FAST WOULD YOU GO?! If you had something to prove, AND, you do…HOW FAST WOULD YOU GO TO PROVE IT?! Would you go about 500 miles per hour to prove how legitimate you are?! No one believed in you, and you got tired of it. Damn tired.You got about 500 mph tired. You thought 400 miles per hour was fast, then YOU DIDN’T. Fuck the haters. In the slam-bang-ping-pong-adventure-movie-of-the-year, it’s “Whiz Past Ya.”

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Can you hear me? No? Maybe it’s because I’m where phones don’t go. They couldn’t be trusted, and now I’m busted, even after it’s been thrusted. Caught in a raid, I’m not getting paid, them guards be drinkin HATER-aid. That didn’t stop him, he reached up and got them, they took my 2 cards of ______



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