West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 98: Smoke Screens and Sea Lions

West and Sparks ep 98

West and Sparks TIMED Podcast is here and it looks like a damn good day to time a podcast! This one is bit different, because we’re trying something technically new behind the scenes. Does it work? Well, you be the judge. God knows Ryan like to weigh in on it! Today we’re talking about: You picking your nose in the car (we see you), how your porn habits are saving the ocean, and the greatest/worst police getaway of 2016! This and more is all in episode 98 of the West and Sparks TIMED Podcast! Listen and enjoy!


Mouth That Shit:

News That Matters:


“Uh! Check me out. Yeah. Mic check, one two, two one. UHHHHH! When life be this good, ya just can’t compete! Check out my whole life, living this great retreat! Ya ain’t never seen a selfie game this strong! What was once just for humans, now helps me belong! Check this out, ya’ll, I know Michael Bay brings a lot of explosions! And if you keep watching me, your pants are gonna bring an implosion! This summer, I get my very own action movie. They call it slam-bang-action-sea-lion-thrill-ride-of-the-season! Fandango dat shit.”




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