West and Sparks Ep 111: Latch On and Repeat After Me


West and Sparks PODCAST! Back in the studio and coming at you with details on wound vacuums, dick pics and people who breast feed in their 30’s.   Be sure to hit the link and subscribe/review! Without further ado – it’s time for episode 111 of West and Sparks LIVE PODCAST!


News That Matters:


One murder. One crime. One horrific event. And a God Damn Parrot Who Witnessed It All! Can the parrot be used in court?! Would the parrot even agree to come to court? In the slam-bang-action-thrill-ride-repeat-after-me-movie-of-the-season it’s: “I’m a good bird…a really good bird.”

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Round, and Round so come on down to Portsmouth, a town with an inflatable mound. Come take a look and see when you go to the bathroom other than pee. Lush and soft, it won’t leave you with a wallop, when you hit your head on an anus polyp. Can you learn more about the colon? Well that debateable, as you glide down this anus ________


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