West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 117: Hibachi Assault

Episode 117Hibachi Assault

West and Sparks is back at it for your Wednesday!! The new website has SOFT LAUNCHED! We celebrate it with catchy and disturbing music! Also, we’re talking: the best criminal alias, people that think water is pee, and catching Pokemon where no one should! Listen in as we bring the News and Comedy in a TIMELY FASHION! This is episode 11 of West and Sparks!

Show Notes!

News That Matters:

Dickface Johnson

It Peed on Me

Comments First:

    • i think i took the wrong pills, plz halp
    • This shit is therapy
    • Can I get whatever the creator of this masterpiece was smoking
    • omg these remixes though I’m dead
    • I put bleach in my kazoo.


What happens when you go from trying to catch them all…to getting CAUGHT?! The ultimate hunt has been turned! I mean…the TABLES HAVE TURNED! From the movie makers who brought you Surviving the Game and Hard Target…it’s the next evolution in shitty hunting movies! In the slam-bang-pikachu-licking-ball-busting-bulbasaur-choking-charizard-thrill-ride-of-the-season! It’s Pokemon…NO!

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

Hey Lady! Here’s a note. I’VE GOT A GUN. Is what the writing wrote. Made out like a bandit and the cops couldn’t stand it. Probation, I got away. Investigation, Carl Monday. Going to shop post robbery. This bread so fresh, I smell like a bakery. Call up a cab like ballers do. Cops yell hands up, like the crow flew. Now up in prison and this ain’t funny. It’s full week later and from ass they withdrew ________



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