West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 142: Around the World with Gene Simmons


West and Sparks isn’t just 2 morons talking about nothing! NO! It’s two (spelled out like gentlemen) morons taking on the NEWS you wont hear anywhere else with a timer counting down on our heads! Today we’re talking: sperm count advances, the dumbest Australian, and one lady spray tans till another race! It’s all in Episode 142 of West and Sparks! Listen now!!

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News That Matters:

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  • had this coming through my car speakers really loud in my work car park lol
  • The high pitched Gollum kinda sounds like Donald duck xD
  • Dat close harmony though.

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I am trying to not eat this entire bag of Oreos. I now know what Lindsay Lohan feels like during happy hour

— Sparks (@SparksRadio) January 16, 2017


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