West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 143: Go Ahead, Ken.

Ep 143- Go Ahead, Ken.

West and Sparks coming at ya like a freight train hauling bath towels! The nefarious and ever elusive sasquatch makes yet another appearance on the show! Pancakes can be eaten in the strangest places, believe us, STRANGEST places, and to top it off…we are going to be left behind if we don’t merge with robots! All this and more on Episode 143 of West and Sparks! Enjoy now!


Show Notes

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Comments First:

  • Pancake challenge
  • That’s  real G right there
  • Lighten up, people. It’s pretty funny

Controversial topic

I am trying to not eat this entire bag of Oreos. I now know what Lindsay Lohan feels like during happy hour

— Sparks (@SparksRadio) January 16, 2017


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