West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 149: I Wish I Was Special

Ep 149- I Wish I Was SpecialSparks and West and West and Sparks are back in the saddle again and no topic is safe! We cover more topics than a lifetime of Oprah Winfrey reruns! We’re talking about the forgotten corn, superlatives, emails you never want to send, and the worst karaoke ever discovered! We put the poo in Putin! You’re not gonna get this sort of programming anywhere else! It’s episode 149 of West and Sparks TIMED Podcast!

Show Notes:

News That Matters:

Comments First:

  • This what we should send back as a response when aliens contact us.
  • before the last bombs go off I want to pop pill bottles with my best friends and watch videos like this from our bunker
  • What the hell is he doing in the white house? He doesn’t belong there

Guess What’s Up My Rectum:

I feel like somebody is performing my inner monologue. Listening to an old man’s crazy thoughts like Bono’s dog. Soldered and Superglued, you can borrow it if you don’t mind the smell so rude. Put it to your ear, you can hear my hopes and dreams, if they came from my rear. Designed for the smuggle, getting it out won’t be a struggle. Long and thin, it remains hidden. Bringing new meaning to “Butt Dial”, it’s more than your DMs that this has slid in. Buried within like a dog and a bone, through the metal detectors I pass with my prison _______

I now have unlimited data! Unlimited power!!!!!

— Ryan West (@RyanWestt) April 11, 2017


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