When to Flip Someone Off


There are many different situations that you may come across, where you’ll need to express yourself. Especially when showing that you’re angry, or proving a point that you’re right and the other party is in the wrong.





Here are 8 simple, justifiable examples for flipping someone off.

1. You get cut off.
When using your #1, it’s usually for this first reason. That’s why it’s first on the list. When you’re driving a vehicle, your middle finger is like a tool. Just like your blinkers, brakes, horn, lights… The bird is there to let the other drivers know, they suck.

Flip off 1
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2. Saying hello
The second reason is actually used in many different greetings. But one REALLY IMPORTANT fact to remember about this one is… You do have to like this person. I’m not being sarcastic. If you don’t like them, then this second one is pointless.
When running into someone that you like, but you’re in passing…. You flip them off. For example, you’re in a vehicle and you see a friend driving, instead of waving you give them the bird. Because they’re close to being #1 in your life. This becomes a habit, so make sure it’s not your boss. Another great example is you’re supporting your sibling at a meet. They’re backstage or somewhere you can’t give a hug… The flip off shows that you care, and that they mean a lot to you.

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3. The Sneak In
If you’re an adult, you can’t be flipping people off in meetings, or in social situations where it might hurt your career or hurt what you’re trying to accomplish. In this case you would use the sneak in flip off. A great way to tell someone you mean business, not to screw with you and that they’re a DBag without having anyone see you. If the others see you that can lead to you getting fired, getting a bad rep, a break up, etc.
So when no one is looking, show them how you feel in the best way possible.

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4. Spilled drink
This one is a inner focus one. Some times even you deserve a flip off. And that’s ok, at least you’re open about it and know the right time to do it. That right time is when you spill your own drink. Shame on you.

flip off 5
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5. Spoilers
You might love this person, you might hate this person. This person could be a complete stranger, but in this situation…. They really do deserve the finger. We call this…… The spoilers. These spoilers, can ruin a book that you’re in the middle of reading, a TV series that you’re not done with on Netflix, an album before you’ve had time to listen to it; should I continue? Well, I think you got the point.
When someone spoils something for you, give it to them. Their sentence is… The finger. In this case, two is totally acceptable.

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6. Don’t Care
Usually these moments are in High School or bars, because let’s be honest. You don’t care. When someone is being rude to your face, it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal… You’re free to express yourself, more importantly, express yourself in the classiest way.

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7. Sports Flip
Oh us sports fans get WAY too into our sports. And it’s normal to see a few birds here and there at a game, sports bar, game day party at someone’s house… Because you’re passionate about your team! These flip offs can be angry, sad, happy or plain old fun! GO! MIDDLE FINGERS! GO!

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8. Eh
Sometimes, you just need to do it.

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