WTF Comic Of The Week


In the first edition of WTF Comic Of The Week, we have Archie Meets The Punisher. For those unfamiliar with the characters, The Punisher is violent anti-hero vigilante Frank Castle, who uses explicit language and interesting ways of dispatching his would be targets. Archie is a clean-cut, clumsy, well-mannered high school student whose biggest dilemma is who should he take to the dance, Betty or Veronica?

For some reason in 1994, Marvel and Archie Comics thought this was a match made in heaven. Without getting to in depth with the story (and spoiling it for you), a mob boss/drug dealer (who happens to look like Archie) comes to Riverdale and is pursued by Frank. The Punisher is ordered to not kill his target, per his usual fashion, and of course mistakes Archie for the smut-peddler. Before you think, man I’m going to pick this up and make a mint one day. It’s 20 years old, and you can still get copies for around $10.

Maybe next time, Frank can dispatch Jughead and Archie, and abscond with both Betty and Veronica. That’d be a book I’d buy.

Photo Credit: ComicVine